Public Safety

On my watch, keeping Cedar Hill safe has always been job number one. I know that a safe neighborhood is the bedrock of a community where families thrive, businesses bloom, and everyone feels at home. I’m dedicated to making sure every corner of our city is a place where you and your loved ones can live without worry. Together, let’s keep Cedar Hill a shining example of what it means to be a community that looks out for one another, ensuring our city remains a safe, vibrant place to call home.

cedar hill police

Voted to

continue support and expansion of Flock Camera systems throughout the city

Voted to

for and to continue support of the First Responder Mental Health Program Pilot

Worked with

city staff to provide for a mid-year salary increase for all first responders to stabilize our emergency services staff

Voted to

Approve new ladder truck for Fire Department

Voted to

Approve drones for Police Department leveraging the abilities of our existing Police Force


for a new Emergency Services Radio system enhancing communication between Cedar Hill, Dallas, and neighboring cities, now fully installed

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