Bond Projects

Bond Projects

Bond projects are more than just investments; they’re a promise to our future, ensuring Cedar Hill grows and improves in ways that matter to all of us. I’m all in on these projects because they’re about making our parks, libraries, and community spaces even better — places where families, friends, and neighbors can come together. Guiding these initiatives with care, I’m focused on keeping Cedar Hill a lively, friendly place that honors our rich traditions while embracing new ideas. Let’s keep moving forward, together.


Community Development & Infrastructure

  • Spearheaded major upgrades in community parks, including the opening of the lagoon at Virginia Weaver Park and the upcoming launch of New City Center Park and Traphene Hickman Library.
  • Championed renovations to the Senior Center and played a key role in the design of the new library, focusing on community needs like quiet spaces and family bathrooms.
  • Advocated for improving downtown streets and converting static stop signs to flashing signs to enhance visibility and safety.

Civic Engagement and Educational Initiatives

  • Initiated and supported the launch of a city-led Committee on Education and a Rental Home Registration program to engage citizens in community betterment.
  • Instrumental in providing space for the Cedar Hill Museum within the new library and naming it The Traphene Hickam Library, fostering a sense of heritage and learning.
  • Encouraged community participation through time-lapse photography and a virtual tour of the new library, allowing citizens to engage with the development process.

Public Safety, Services, and Community Welfare

  • Supported responsible liquor sales permits following voter approval, balancing growth with community values.
  • Approved CARES Act funding to support small businesses and advocated for updates to bulk trash guidelines, enhancing city cleanliness and supporting local economy.
  • Led initiatives to improve public services, including the implementation of automated notification systems for trash collection and placing doggy waste cleanup bag dispensers in parks, ensuring a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for all residents.
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