Community Service

My journey is marked by a profound commitment to serving and transforming our community, a path I've proudly walked as Cedar Hill's City Councilman for Place 4

With a hands-on approach, I've led charities, spearheaded fundraisers, and driven meaningful change across local and national organizations, always prioritizing strategic vision and the power of teamwork. My knack for turning complex challenges into actionable plans has been a cornerstone of my career. I've led charities and fundraisers, transforming challenges into solutions through teamwork since 2005 in Cedar Hill. My commitment to our values of collaboration and integrity has shaped our community. As I run for re-election, I'm driven by our city's potential and our collective trust. Your vote supports our continued journey towards a thriving Cedar Hill.


As Chair of the Best Southwest Partnership in 2022, I'm proud to have led the groundbreaking Regional Economic Development Summit at the Hillwood industrial facility, focusing on the crucial workforce development challenges facing our region.

With insights from industry leaders like Hill Perot and expertise from Janie Gavel of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, we delved into the vital needs of worker availability, affordability, and trainability. Leveraging insights from leaders like Hill Perot and Janie Gavel, we addressed workforce needs and conducted a GIS analysis showing over 100,000 daily commutes for high-skill jobs, underscoring our potential to attract such industries. I led efforts to improve perceptions of our public schools, culminating in the 2024 STEAM Showcase, supported by a $25,000 grant from Community Foundations of Texas, to highlight educational excellence and prepare future talent. These actions are reshaping Southern Dallas into a hub for quality jobs and education, demonstrating the impact of strategic collaboration.

Community Involvement

For the past 19 years, my engagement with Cedar Hill has been deeply personal and hands-on. My approach has been straightforward: see a need, roll up my sleeves, and get to work alongside my neighbors.

This journey of service wasn't about titles or accolades; it was about contributing to the community that's been my home. Through collaboration and a bit of hard work, I've aimed to make a tangible difference, whether that meant leading a project or simply being there when needed. It's this practical, down-to-earth commitment to our community that has guided my actions and decisions, always with the goal of making Cedar Hill a better place for all of us.

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